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Rosy Toranzo

Theatre Maker & Facilitator


Puppetry & Object Theatre Specialist

About Me

I'm a Theatre Maker & Facilitator with a specialism in Puppetry and Object Theatre.

I have a BA (hons) in Drama within a Community Context from Northumbria University (UK) and a postgraduate specialisation in Object Theatre, Interaction and New Media from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina. I have worked internationally in creative and educational settings for the last 15 years, currently I am based in Ocean Grove, Australia.

For me, theatre is a tool to connect with others, to share and tell stories, big and small. I make my own work, collaborate with other artists, as well as working freelance within communities and educational environments. I particularly enjoy working with children and young people.

Current Projects


Object Theatre

Create stories and characters from everyday objects.

Street Theatre

 Learn big bold performance techniques and show it to the world.


Carry on the legacy of the world's oldest artform and share your tall tales.

Shadow Puppetry

Make your own shadow puppets and perform for your friends.

Theatre in Nature

Look a little closer, listen a little harder and become a performer in the wild.

Drama Club

Develop confidence and teamwork, explore and play whilst creating your own show.


As an experienced Theatre Facilitator, I can offer a range of bespoke workshops - including one-off sessions and longer projects. These can be adapted to suit all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Below are some ideas for creative projects.



Thanks for getting in touch, I'll get back to you soon!

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