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A Spyhole Theatre


See into the future with a miniature puppet show for one eye only. One audience member at a time is invited to put on some headphones and look through a spy hole on a cardboard box covered in newspaper cuttings and filled with found and recycled objects, a single puppeteer will bring this mini world to life through shadow and string puppetry.

Inside the spy hole theatre - it is the future; it is the year 2080. In the form of a News Bulletin, the world’s last Polar Bear is seen floating on an ice cap off the coast of Mexico. Then a secret world is revealed, from times gone by, a polar bear roaming the ice caps in its true home. 2080 is a tiny show with a poignant tale that touches on one of the world’s biggest challenges, the climate crisis.

The performance is 3-minutes long and can be repeated almost immediately (after a covid-safe cleaning of the headphones) for the next audience member. It has been designed to be transportable, performed in any location, and suitable for children and adults.

Below are some pictures of the work at Puppet Mayhem, a curated puppetry night by Blanck Canvas @ The Playground, Melbourne (AU).

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