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  • Rosy Toranzo

Residency Week 2 - An Empty Box

Nobody likes to admit to failure, let alone write about it and share it with the internet world, but I have to admit, an empty box wasn't my goal for the end of week two.

After what felt like an exciting first week of writings, I leapt into a bigger project that I had been musing over in my head and was feeling pretty confident I could create.

I started making, with little preparation, modelling, research or deep thought. I grappled with cardboard, cut, shaped, fixed things until I had a theatre box.

I was more or less happy with it, to be able to move onto the harder part - what happens inside the theatre. I tried a few things, tested out my original idea, tried another tactic.

They all failed - I couldn't create with my hands what I saw in my mind. The week ended with a deep breath and a sigh.

So I have an empty cardboard theatre, no story, no drama, nothing happening inside. Could this be a reflection of what is happening to the artist too after more than 240 days in lockdown...??

Then slowly I have just remembered the original aim of this residency - to flip that narrative.

so now the empty box is actually a waiting box...

And that got me thinking again...

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