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Travelling Light Project

“Why is it that globalization has so often been discussed from sociological, political and economic points of view, but almost never from an aesthetic perspective?” 

Nicolas Bourriaud, The Radicant (2009)


The Travelling Light Project is a collaborative international object theatre project.

The aim of this work is to collect one object from every country in the world, squeeze them all inside a suitcase, and create a piece of travelling object theatre. There are 196 official countries (according to the UN), so I am trying to get 196 objects from 196 people in 196 countries.

Through the power of the internet we are now closer than ever, global communication is just a click away. This project is an experiment, to see if using these technological advances, it is possible to connect with the whole world in the name of art.

One object, one gift, one fragment, to connect every country on earth.

Here is where you come in. You have connected with me, in real life or virtually, somewhere, somehow and arrived at this page. Now I need your help. I need one person from each country to send me an object, by mail or email.

“what kind of object?” I hear you ask.

Well the project is about journeys and the connections we make between people and places. Here are some ideas for what the object might represent…

 A daily journey.

 A journey to your favourite place.

 A once in a lifetime trip.

 The journey of your life.

The journey of your country.


There is no wrong thing to send, the only restriction is that ALL the objects need to fit inside a handheld suitcase so each individual object needs to be small - I am Travelling Light with this work! If you are unable to send a physical object, you could also send a virtual one - music, a photo, a video, a sound recording, a poem...anything that is emailable!


By sending me something you become a part of the project, the story and the performance. Together we are crossing borders, connecting people with places and celebrating global identity and the power that connection can have.


Even if you can’t send an object, by sharing this project with just one other person you become a part of this work.

If you are keen to share in this cultural global artistic exchange, follow the links below to find out more. May you travel light and long.

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