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  • Rosy Toranzo

Day 2 - An Ode to the Ocean

photo of rainy clouds over the beach at Point Addis

I have always been drawn to the ocean so it seemed an obvious thing to write about. Right now I live the closest I've ever lived to the sea and over the last year and a half, every time the lockdowns have ended, we have ran to the sea. It has become the ultimate symbol of freedom of movement.

I go in bracing against the cold, courageous as if going into battle, look how brave I am? I come out renewed, polished and humbled. But it's not a secret, or a magic trick or a wellness package. Water makes up more than half of our bodies, Earth is 70% oceans. It's us, it's home.

Breath in, a surge forward.

Breath out, pebbles rolling.

Breath in, spittles flying.

Breath out, crabs scurrying.

Breath in, racing curls.

Breath out, scraping sands.

Breath in, roaring loud.

Breath out, sucking secrets.

Breath in.

Breath out.

Above are some photos of sea themed shadow works that I have made in the past and below is a sneak preview of my latest work - A Seal's Tale theatre book - just finished the making part of it today and it's ocean themed so it had to make an appearance...

Why are you drawn to the ocean?

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