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  • Rosy Toranzo

Day 3 - Home, a feeling.

I laughed when I looked up the definition of home.

Wikipedia says: "A home, or domicile, is a space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, group or family."

So today I have found photos of all the 14 'homes' that I have lived in so far in my life. It was hard to find actual photos of the homes themselves, as most of the folders are full of photos of people and events - which brings me onto what home really is...

To me the wiki definition is of a house, that may be a home, but isn't what home is.

Home is a feeling. A pulling, like an invisible string between you and whatever has evoked it. The string can be attached to people, things, places, smells, moments in time.

They draw you in, guide you towards your place, bring a sense of self.

Looking around my house today, trying to find that feeling, I made a video.

Home in my House

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