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  • Rosy Toranzo

Day 4 - Migration

The word migration takes me down two thought paths, migration in the natural world - a much celebrated phenomenon and human migration so often controled, media fueled and politicised. Below I have tried to play with these two notions...

The Arctic Turn has dual citizenship, being both a resident of the Antarctic and Arctic, they spend equal amounts of time at each pole - does it have to chose just one passport or can it have two?

It takes 4 generations of Monach Butterflies to migrate from the USA to Mexico. I wonder whether they are automatically eligible for the visa by descent or if each has to apply on it's own merit? Is it travel for work?

The Wildebeests (with their Zebra and Antelope mates) make an unforgettable yearly trip from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara Reserve Kenya, crossing crocodile invested waters to get there! I've heard they don't even need a visa for that one.

Plankton make the largest daily migration on earth - from the seabed to the surface - It can be seen from space...but it takes them all night because the queues are so long to get through passport control and the questions are so tedious.

The Blue Whale is always on the move, from north to south taking any route it fancies, who is going to check the visa status of the largest living animal on earth?

What if we saw Humans as migratory animals too...

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