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  • Rosy Toranzo

Day 5 - Treading Lightly

I am very conscious of my impact on the planet - constantly teetering between the fast paced, convenience of modern life allowing me to spend more time doing things I enjoy and the giant impact my micro actions have on the planet.

Below I have written about how I want to be.

Treading Lightly

Did you see her?

Flitting by. Smile ear to ear. Barefoot. Disappearing behind a tree.

Did you hear her?

A swoosh on the wind. A whisper in your ear. A creaking of joints.

Did you feel her?

Dappling warmth amongst the leaves. They brush past your skin on their way back to earth.

Does she leave anything in her wake?

I found a footprint once. The next day it was gone.

Do you remember her?

Yes - replied the Earth - she passed through, ever so lightly, but I remember her.

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